Vision of the Institution

                    To empower students from backward area by imparting innovative knowledge and skill by using technology to build global competencies in them with social and spiritual values at an affordable cost fostering sustainable development of our Nation.

Mission of the Institution

  • To impart adequate knowledge through specific programmes to improve the innovative skills of every student from villages;
  • To equip students of  backward areas with Regional, National and International information to build global competency in them;
  • To imbibe the beliefs, attitude and passion in the students towards social and spiritual values to protect and promote the culture of India;
  • To develop and adopt of different kinds of teaching, learning and evaluation tools  using recent information communication technology;
  • To promote economically vital and environmentally sustainable inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary teaching, research and extension activities by staff and students;
  • To offer the fruits of higher education to poor students at an affordable cost.